Working to make change

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IMG_0647Hello, October! Hard to believe that this year is almost done already. This year has just been flying by. I have not written much this year. Not for a lack of activity but just not anything to really write about. I try to post things that have quality to them and not just quantity of post.

I don’t know about all of you by 2018 has been an intense year. There has been so much emotions. So much going on. So much pain, and turmoil, and turbulent times during this year. I also ended up fighting health challenges this year. Which was causing me to not do much. Not even do much other than, just eat bad food choices. There was a lot of ups and downs this year and a few times of not even wanting to climb back up again. Yet, despite it all, I still kept marching on and kept dancing to my own beat.
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