Adventure time: Washington Crossing State Park

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I decided to keep the ball rolling yesterday on my adventuring, and decided to take myself out to a state park. To get out, enjoy the nice weather, and just have some fun. I had. I where in particular to go, so I went to google, and did a quick search on state parks. One of the hits was to Washington State Park, which was not too far from me. So off I went. To where George Washington is said to have crossed the Delaware to come into Trenton, during the revolution. 

Upon arriving I went to the little museum to check out history. It’s always so neat to see such things. I am very fond of those old time periods. Where life was simple. I enjoy those simpler times. There is just a majestic beauty it. Don’t get my wrong, I would never survive back then. I enjoy the luxuries that we all take for granted today, such as air conditioner. I would be a hot mess without it. Let alone the advancements we have in medicine today, over what they used for surgery back then. No thank you. Sadly, I was not able to take pictures inside the museum. All that I saw, will be a memory for ever. Or until I lose my memory. Which ever comes first. 

There was plenty of paths to take. I passed a couple buildings, but sadly they were not open. Until eventually I came across the place where the crossing happening. There is a lovely bridge you can take, that takes you over the road and down to the water. 

And there it was, the famous crossing site of George Washington… I think they may have exaggerated the story some over the years. I’m no Michael Phelps but I think I can cross that little bit of water quite easily. I kid of course. I am told that was just a little canal. I canal believe it myself. See what I did there? Puns are fun, or should I say puny? No?! Moving on. 

Right past that little canal was much more water, which I assume is the actual place he crossed. Maybe. I wasn’t there back then so I have no clue where he exactly passed. The sign said it was 13 miles, all the way around it, and I wasn’t that interested to see it, to walk that. So I went about my way and kept walking, and enjoyed the rest of my day outside in the sun, and having fun. 

Before heading back home, after a fun filled weekend of adventuring. Before going to Barnes And Noble and picking up a stuffed Totoro. Just because. If you have never seen My Neighbor Totoro, I highly recommend it. Or any Studio Ghibli film. And no, I am not too old for toys, or stuffed animals for that matter. He know guards me while I sleep. It’s the simple things in life that make me smile. 

That’s it for this weekends adventures hopefully next weekend I can get out and adventure somewhere else. It was nice to get out and adventure and go to new places I’ve never beje before. As well as see a piece of history. 


Adventures in going out: Week 8

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This week marks the 8th week of going out and about. Which means I have been doing this for two months now. That in itself is a huge milestone for me and a big accomplishment. Something I never though I would ever accomplish or do. This is all new territory for me. Literally and metaphorically.

Even though this day  was raining this morning some, I did not let that deter me from going out. This week I would go out and visit Batsto Village in Hammonton, NJ. There was a nice trail out there through the village. Where you could walk around and look at the old mill, and workers homes from back in the day. Many of the places were open and you could look around. I snagged a good amount of pictures there. Viewing history. I am glad that I did buy that new camera. It has been put to good use. I was surprised that there were many people out there checking it out, the rain did not stop them either.


Life sure seemed pretty miserable back then. I mean look at all those village rules. What exactly is unnecessary talking, or noise of any sort? Like is belching an unnecessary noise, what about farting? What if I had beans and a Taco for lunch and I can’t help myself? I must know the answers to these questions. 2.00 a month rent for a home. Man, oh man. That must have been nice. I can’t even buy a pack of gum for that amount of money.


I am kind of digging this buggy. It looks really quaint and a fun way to get around town. Well until you are up wind of the horse and the horse breaks wind on you. Would that also be an unnecessary noise, or are horse exempt from such Tom Foolery? Two farts jokes in one blog post. I really am breaking all types of records with myself in life. I’ve accomplished so much. And now it’s all going into the toilet.

It was a nice little trip and visit, and of course on my way home it cleared up and stopped raining. Always how it is.

A years journey for myself. Continuing to go further.

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In my journey with healing myself, and working through my anxiety, I have been pushing myself more and more, to go further and further. Taking myself out of my comfort zone that I have built up for the past, I can’t even tell you how long. The more I confront the more I hope will heal and allow me to release it more and more from myself.

I am now setting out on my craziest adventure yet. To take myself out of my comfort zone once a week, and go out places. Even if I have to just take myself there, it will still allow me to go out and experience new things. Which will help push myself and open myself up to new things. It it my goal to do this once a week for a year. Taking myself all over the place. Whether it’s a big outing or something small, like a trip to the movies. I have never attempted something even remotely close to this before in my life or even thought of doing something like this. So here I am, starting a new chapter in my life, and going forward to new things. To create new memories and maybe even meet new people. I hope to blog about these experiences each week as a record of things.

This weeks outing was to the movies today and yesterday. I did take myself to the movies, and I’m OK with that. If I want to see something I have no issue taking myself. Plus with anxiety for me it can be easier to be alone when I do things.  I saw Gods of Egypt and Kung Fu Panda 3. Gods of Egypt was a good movie, I love that time. Ancient Egypt and love mythology. The Franklin Institute has an exhibit on Egypt and Pixar as well, currently, and would love to go and see them.  There was a lot of special effects and fight scenes, and story could have been better, but it’s nice to see a different version of the universe, as opposed to the same ol’ stories that we are used to in Hollywood, like Miracles of Heaven that is coming soon. Kung Fu Panda was not too shabby either. I’m a fan of the franchise, I love cartoons. I think this one was more “silly” then its predecessors, but overall was good. I think 1 and 2 were much better than the third one.  I’d give both movies as 3 out of 5.

I am not sure on what all to go and do, but I am sure I will think of something do to and or see.

Here’s to new experiences.


To boldly go where I’ve never gone before…

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Tobyhanna State Park, PA. (photo taken by me.)

Today I have come home from my vacation that I took last weekend. And to my surprise,  I survived it, and I did better than I could have ever dreamed. I was able to drive up and back, for 2.5 hours, with no issue, or need to stop. I was able to go out and about the entire time, with one down day because of snow. Each day I went out, I was out for 5 or so hours. So I was out for a good amount of time. Each time feeling better and better. Helping me to feel better and better about each and every experience. There was two times, where out of the blue, I felt a little anxious, for no apparent reason, but they did not last, and allowed me to not have to cancel anything, and continue my trip.

Overall for me this was a great experience. It helped boost my confidence in doing this and creating a better life for myself. It is also helping me open more and more doors in my life to allow more and more things to occur. This was my first vacation in 11 years, and I really loved it. I really want to make this a regular thing. It was great to be out of my comfort zone, as scary a thought as that is, it was great to be out of my home for a change. I am already thinking about more places to get to. A few years ago, even a year ago, I would not have even thought of this as being my reality, and now, here I am, doing this. It feels great. I will not lie. I am becoming a better person, and in time, I will be able to enjoy life. And all that it has to offer me. And not just hide in the bathroom and my house.

Now all I need is a cute traveling buddy to go places with, so I’m not alone doing it. All you single woman out there, “how YOU doin?” [/Joey Tribbiani] LOL.