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The road back to healthy

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It’s time for me to be healthy again. This is my journey back to that. 2018 has been one crazy year for me health wise. Really it started around this time in 2017. Most of my adult life I have dealt with health issues and sensitivities that created lots of anxieties and fears in being out in public. I had gotten a lot of that under control when I cleaning up my diet. Eliminating things such as processed foods and junk foods, and cutting our foods that I could not tolerate and digest. That made a huge difference in my body and helped to allow me to start getting my life back.

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The Anxiety of meeting new people – pt 3 (making small talk)

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The adventure continues. Hey look! I learned to use a ruler. Ha ha.

Small talk. Probably one of the scariest things of meeting someone, or interacting with them. It’s not that I don’t have something to say. There’s always a billion things running through my head at any given moment. Mostly it’s sarcasm. Just when you’re on the spot, you just don’t think of something to say. And your brain turns to goo.

Of course when you are talking to people then they are looking at you and all those insecurities open up. The struggle is real.

That’s where breathing, relaxing, and getting out of your head really comes into play here.

Dean Winchester approves this post.

For the record, I am more a cake person than pie fan. And I mean all the cake. Not like those who scoop off all the frosting and just eat the rest. You’re eating bread. It’s no longer cake. 🍰

HA HA Happy Halloween!

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“I vant all of your Reese’s Peanut Butter cups”

May you all have a Happy Halloween, Samhain, Day of the Dead. 👻💀🎃

(Try not to eat too much candy today.)

The anxiety of meeting new people – pt. 2 (making eye contact)

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The adventure continues, with a journey through anxiety and meeting people. In comic form. Sorry that the writing is a little crooked there. Or perhaps it’s me that’s a little wonky.

Eye contact is something I have struggled with for a long, long time. A lot of it does stem from self esteem issues. Something that many who suffer with anxiety are also plagued with. A lot of that self esteem issues stem from being teased growing up, or hearing that I was ugly. And when you hear it enough you start to think other people think it about you. Which makes trying to make eye contact so much more challenging.

Yet like most anxious thoughts these are really just our own thoughts that are playing out. When truthfully some people are jerks, but they have no power over us, unless we give them that power over us.

And yes I do wonder… “are my eyebrows on fleek?” Can eyebrows be “too on fleek” that it intimidates people? Ha ha. 😜

The anxiety of meeting new people – part 1

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Growing up cartoons were always my escape. When anxiety was rough, or the world was tough, I turned to cartoons and animation. They got my through so many of my rough times as a child and adult really. I’ve always connected with them and I’ve always loved to draw.

So I thought to myself “why don’t you use art as a form of expressing how I feel?” This blog has been so therapeutic for me it’s been such an outlet to allow me to vent what I am feeling. And to share with others who have been through or are going through the same thing. I have met so many like minded people and they have shared so many stories as I have.

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Working to make change

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IMG_0647Hello, October! Hard to believe that this year is almost done already. This year has just been flying by. I have not written much this year. Not for a lack of activity but just not anything to really write about. I try to post things that have quality to them and not just quantity of post.

I don’t know about all of you by 2018 has been an intense year. There has been so much emotions. So much going on. So much pain, and turmoil, and turbulent times during this year. I also ended up fighting health challenges this year. Which was causing me to not do much. Not even do much other than, just eat bad food choices. There was a lot of ups and downs this year and a few times of not even wanting to climb back up again. Yet, despite it all, I still kept marching on and kept dancing to my own beat.
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Living with depression

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It’s been about two months since I’ve written anything on this blog, not that I have not done anything in that time. Just have not written anything. If you’re not aware the Facebook page is constantly active. Where I am doing Angel card readings, occasional live FB video, and much more. So give it a like/follow if you’d like to stay on top of things.

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