Adventure Time: Smithville Historic Park

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While I have been very active these days it’s been a good time since I got out there and really took myself on an adventure. Mind you I have done plenty, I went up to the Poconos again and went horseback riding for the first time in my life. So I am remained busy and remained going places. It was nice to get back out there and really take myself on an adventure, as I have missed it. This week I happened to be on vacation, and did not have anything really planned. So I decided to make the best of it and get myself back to those adventures that really turned my life around.

Whitall House

I have gone to a few places this week so far. I went to a local lake and enjoyed the fresh air and water. I headed back to Redbank Battlefield, which I have been to many times in the past. There is something about that place. It draws me to it and I love being there. Down by the water, and just enjoying the sights. The main house, Whitall manor, is an interesting place. I have only been in there once, but this time, was the first time being there, since I become more open, and embraced my gifts instead of shutting them down. The house itself has so much energy. Just being near it, you can really feel it. As soon as I got near the home, I could feel it. It really hit my right in the chest. There is also a sense of sadness within the energy. It has been said, the place is active with spirits, that have died during the Revolutionary war, when the house was used as makeshift hospital. It is said to be more active in the higher floors, that were not open to the public when I went in there once last year. I need to get back into their, and really check it out, and see what I feel and pick up. That ought to be an interesting time.

Smithville Mansion

So my next adventure that I had taken, was to Smithville Historic Park, in Mount Holly. I had been to this place once before. Which you can read about, here. This place was my first stop when I started my adventure of going out so very long ago, back in March of 2016. 15 months ago. It was nice to go back to where it all started for me and just take a stroll through it all again. I have come such a long way in the past 15 months, to be back to where it all started was kind of a surreal feeling. When I took that first adventure I was very nervous. While I had been making great strides in my health and healing, and had just come off of a week in the Poconos, it was different to take myself out, on my own, into an unknown territory and continue to do it weekly for a year.

I had much to learn and open up to during that journey. While I was feeling better physically I still had to work on the mental aspects of my healing, and in working on the fear and anxiety that was controlling me and my life. So I came up with going on a weekly journey to push myself into new places in life. Something I had never done before. It wasn’t something that just happened for me. I didn’t just get out there and all that fear disappeared, no, I had to work on it. I had to work through it. For me I learned the only way I was getting through it, was to go through it. To face it head on. Which to me, was ironic, because I had always struggled with that concept. I had always fought the idea of facing fear to heal fear. To me that was a crazy concept and I could never do that. I have learned through that journey that I was completely wrong with how I viewed things in life and my life.

“I saw the sign. It opened up my eyes, I saw the sign.”


For me, and I am sure many other people in the same shoes, I would spend countless hours asking for a miracle. Asking for a sign that we are being heard. Begging for help. Begging for the strength to get through another day. Begging for the courage to get through things. Begging for a miracle. Begging for help and healing. I was one of those people. I begged, and I pleaded, and hoped for a miracle. I hoped I would be given the strength and the courage to do it. To be able to live a normal life. And what I found, was surprising and shocking to me. I found that I had the strength, I had the courage, within me, all along. All I needed was the opportunities to see it myself. That was the greatest thing I found within myself through all this adventuring. Was that I could do it. I had the strength to do it. I was courageous and brave when in the face of scary things. I just had to believe in myself and what I could do. When I realized this truth within myself was when the real healing could occur. It was then that I could get out of my own way, out of my head, and allow myself to see things I never even knew existed within myself and within the world. It was then that my whole life changed and spiraled and snowballed into more and more.

My life has changed and improved so much and for the better in the past two years than I have ever seen in my life, for the entirety of it all. All because I dared to challenge the status quo of the life I created for myself. All because I knew I needed to and had to change my life. I had to changed everything. I could no longer sit idly by and let life pass me by. I could no longer not live life. And I was willing to do whatever it took to get there.

It was a triumphant moment in my life to return to where it all started, and this time, in a better state of being than when I first visited there. Where there was no fear about being there. There was no anxiety about how long I would be there. Or if I was able to do it. I was able to be there, be present in my adventure, and just enjoy myself and what I was doing. Walking, admiring, sitting on benches, and just enjoying life. It is a well earned victory for me. To enjoy life. To enjoy myself. Next time I return here I will need to take a tour of the mansion and the buildings, as I have not really explored them. I really spent my time walking around through the trails through the woods. Next time. There is now a next time. I can say that, and not dread it. I can enjoy myself. Finally.


Bravely trying new things. 

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For the longest time my whole life revolved around my anxiety. It was my life. It was my way of being. It was the way life was to me. I had come to terms with that. It was not an easy conclusion to make about my life. That I would be anxious all the time. It was not a good way to live my life. Yet it was the only way I could live… or so I thought. 
Fast forward to today where I am finally at a place in my life where I can live a “normal” life that is not controlled by anxiety. And it feels great. It truly does. It was not something that just happened. It has taken me lot of work on myself, and a lot of healing on myself. To peel back the various layers of myself and who I thought I was. 

Every journey I take, I learn more about myself. I open up more and I heal even more. My journey has been all about healing my life, healing my anxiety, so I can love life. For the first time ever, I am loving life. Each new step I take, I push myself forward and into new territory. That is the only way really to get through all of this. Is to keep trying. Keep pushing myself. For so long I just stopped in my tracks, and now, I embrace, instead of run from. 

Today was another case of pushing myself into things that make me uncomfortable. To do something new. One of the things I do not like to do, is get into a car when someone else drives. For one, I get car sick, and driving helps that. Two, with my anxiety, and stomach issues, I never knew when it would hit, so I prefer the control of being in control of the car and when it stops. So to surrender that control was very scary. As fate would have it, I had to put my car in the shop, and had plans with friends to visit Shree Swaminarayan Temple in Robbinsville, NJ. I would have to either run away from not going, which would be pretty easy to do with my car in the shop, or get a ride with someone else. I opted for the latter. Even if running away would have been easier. 

Let me tell you, I am thankful that I got in that car. It was a fun trip, that was 40 minutes away. The temple was gorgeous. Such incredible works of art and beauty made out of marble. But the joy of being able to have been able to conquer a fear and go out like that, with other people in the car, visit a temple, drive home with them, and then go out to dinner, is a moment that will stay with me for a lifetime. All and all we were out for 6 hours. 5 years ago I would have never dreamed of that being possible. Yet I did it, with no fear or anxiety or panic. I was able to enjoy myself and hang out with friends and visit a beautiful temple. Then go eat and drive with another person driving me. Eating and going home used to be such a fear of mine. Until I started eating the proper foods for my body. Today was an incredible day. I am so grateful. And glad I continued to push myself into new things to go even further in life. 

On the way home, my friend said to me, I would have never believed you lived with anxiety for so long. I smiled and said, that is the way I am making my life now. Where I don’t even remember the old way, or any other way. 

Adventures in going out: Week 52

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A quick google search to check my math on how many weeks are in a year has yielded me the answer of 52. Which means… dun dun dunnnnnnn. This week was a year of adventuring. Yayyyyyy! Wooooooo!! Hurrah!! It is hard to believe that this has actually happened. That I did it. I followed through with it. I stuck to it. Even when I did not want to. Even when it seemed scary. I kept going to. And I did it. I will create a new post in the coming days with a write up about the whole adventure and how it went and what I learned. For now this final week or the year long trek for me.

This week I did not waste any time going out to adventure. This week started on Monday where I went out to the Franklin Institute and saw the Jurassic World exhibit, which I already wrote about, so won’t go into it again. Wednesday saw me attending development class, to better myself and my abilities. Thursday was an interesting night. I went to a person who is a channel for Angels and spiritual beings, and she was channeling Archangel Gabriel, Jesus, and Mary Magdalene. It’s always an interesting night when I attend one of her workshops. She is an amazing person, and the energies she brings forth with the Archangels, and ascended beings. Always eye opening. That was a fun night with a great group of people.


This week was also gorgeous weather all week long. I’m talking high 60’s to even 70’s. So on Friday I went out with a friend to a place called Strawbridge lake. It’s somewhat local, and we were able to get out, go outside, and enjoy the incredible weather. So much so that I got sunburn. Sunburn in February. I don’t recall that ever happening before. It was such a lovely day out. The fish were jumping. And they were jumping so high you could see the fish as they broke the surface of the water. Which was pretty neat, and scary all at once. It seemed at some point they were going to climb up on land and fish for humans. That night I went out and got an angel card reading done, at On Angel Wings. The reading was very accurate and spot on and has me pondering about much. Then I went out with friends to Brickwall Tavern for some food and laughs. A great way to end a great year of adventuring. On the way there we past an apartment, and through the window we could see the Christmas tree was still up. I’m all for keeping the holiday spirit going. Who cares if it’s the end of February and almost Easter.

Yet that was not the end of the week for me as on Saturday I would attend a refresher Reiki Master course. Where I got to sit down and chat with fellow Reiki masters to talk about Reiki and helping and working with others with it. It was a fun experience, and the energies were high from the Reiki energy. Which wiped me out after wards and I just relaxed and enjoyed another incredible week. With an even busier week planned for this week.


Jurassic World Exhibit

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Yesterday I started my vacation form work, so what better way to have a vacation than to have fun. Out in public. So many of my vacations over the years were “staycation” so it’s nice to actually go out and about. My nieces wanted to take me to the Jurassic World exhibit at the Franklin Institute and who am I do say no to that?

Off we went to PA to have some fun. Apparently we were not the only ones out and about as we drove around for 30 minutes just trying to find parking before finally squeezing into a parking garage that was probably more full than it should have been. I feared they may have used a forklift and started to stacks cars on top of each other to fit them all in. It was that crowded. Then we headed to the Franklin Institute, after my niece asked my favorite dinosaur, as they were excited to see this exhibit again. I’d have to say it’s a toss up between a Triceratops and a Stegosaurus. More so in Robotic Form.

Dinobots transform.

After we made our way through the thralls of people we got up to the line to wait to get into the showing of the exhibit. Then we wanted in a second line, as the first line, was just the line to get to the door, then there was a line, inside the door waiting to go on. It seems that many, many people decided yesterday was a good day to go there. I guess schools being closed for Presidents day did not help matters.



I will admit  I  was not really expecting much from this exhibit. While I did the Pixar one last year, which was done really well, and say their Egypt exhibit, I did not have high hopes for this one. I was not expecting much there. Or in the sense of scale, and scope of it all. After arriving, we are greeted by a screen, and windows, that make it look like you are in a boat, arriving to this island, of misfit toys… oops, sorry, wrong franchise. Island of Dinosaurs,  so like a Dino Island? Where we are greeted by a video, of the local care taker of these dinos, and hear her story/spiel before going in. Right away you are greeted by foliage, and large, really large, dinosaur right out the gate. This little fellow right here, which I do believe is a Brachiosaurus. As you can see in the picture up above he is quite large in scale.



Onward we went seeing many more dinosaurs, such as the Raptors, and the T-Rex, who is only grumpy because he can not lace up his new pair of Jordans he just bought. He spent over a hundred bucks on them, but can not reach the laces, and none of his dino friends will help him out. So he keeps tripping, and all the other dinosaurs just laugh and point at him, and not help out. Poor little guy, just wants to tie his new kicks and can’t.

There were many elements from the movie there, from the Raptor in the cage, to even the creation room. Where they are preparing the eggs for omelettes for breakfast. I mean, look at those eggs, they are huge. They could easily feed whole family with just one, or Shaq himself.

This is where they cook the dinos like hot dogs.

After the exhibit is, of course the gift shop, where everything is over priced, like 30 dollars for a t-shirt that I could buy at hot topic for half of that. We got some food, and walked around a little seeing what else we could hit. We tried to see the giant human heart, which was crowed, and we did not have time to see. Which is heartbreaking. Bada boom tshhhh. Then we went to the brain, which was not that crowded, because well lets face it, no one is really using their brains these days. After that we headed back to our cars, and headed home after a fun spent day looking at dinosaurs.

A great way to start my vacation. I did not have my big camera and only had my cell phone. So I did not take the best photos and did not get to capture everything.




Adventures in going out: Week 51

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Whitall House

The ain’t no mountain high enough edition.

This past week has been an incredible one for me. It has had many ups, and downs, but they have all been worth it for me. So much was done and accomplished. It was also the week of Love, or commercialized love, in the form of Valentine’s day.

This week I spent a lot of time just hanging with friends, and working on our abilities together. It started with my development group on Wednesday, where we did some Angel Card readings for each other. Coming up in April, I will be having my first table at a Spiritual Expo, where I will be doing Angel card readings all day long. Never in a million years would I have seen that in my life, or would have seen this is where my year long adventure would take me.

Thursday was a little circle with some friends, where we are able to work more on our abilities with each other. I was also able to buy some more crystals. Buying some citrine, and some raw rose quartz. Of course it’s not natural citrine, and is heart treated amethyst. I do love some Amethyst. That group ended up turning into an impromptu Reiki session, where myself, and another Reiki master, did some Reiki healing, and some IET healing, on a friend of ours. I have never really done a session with another person like that before. So that was an interesting experience to be a part of. Now I’m looking to find a space to continue to do Reiki healing on other people. Working with Reiki has been so incredible, and wonderful to be a part of. To have people tell me after a session, that they feel so incredible,  light, and so serene. Makes it all worth it to me. I am very blessed to be able to channel healing energy and help others with it. As it has helped me. So hopefully soon, I will be able to have a space to be able to do Reiki sessions on others.

Then Saturday when the weather was really nice out, I decided to head outside, and go someplace, for the first time in a while, to Red Bank Battlefield. I love it there. It is so awesome and peaceful. I have been there a few times in the past year. It was also one of the first places I visited when I started this journey. So it only seemed fitting that at the second to last week of it, I would return to the place that really started it all for me.

However I was not the only one who had the idea of getting out there Saturday. As this place was crowded, by far the most crowded I had ever seen it. Both lots for parking were full. I had to park out on the street. After walking around, I noticed every one walking around, staring at their phones. Before I could hear that familiar sound of, Pokemon Go. They were all out there trying to catch Pokemon. The young games, as well, as the older games. And the much, much, older gamers. Pokemon Go seems to reach all types of ages. I was not much of a fan of it, playing it only a few times when it first launched. Kudos to them to keep going at it, and still drawing people in to it. I do wonder would the same people have been out at the park that day, enjoying the weather, or were they only out to catch some Pokemon? I suppose on one hand it’s good that video games can be used to bring people of all ages together. At one point, walking the trail, I heard, “Charizard!” And watched the masses flock to that point. Or are we now at the apex of the Zombie Apocalypse, as we all become brain dead from staring at our phones all day, and the Terminators rise and enslave us all? Scary thoughts either way. But I had fun none the less.

This week now starts week 52, I am hitting the one year mar. I am so impressed and can not believe this day would have ever happened. That I could go from being a person who was indoors all the time to being outside at least once a week for a whole years. I have changed and grown and evolved so much from this journey and over the year of doing it. I don’t even recognize the little timid and afraid guy that started this all.

I can’t wait to see where it takes me in another year.


Adventures in going out: Week 50

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The Legend of Zelda Edition.

Just like that another week has come to an end. It’s not surprising I didn’t do anything to stop it. I let it just keep on going. This week was pretty active if I say so myself. This was also an incredible week to boot for me. This weekend may have been the best one I have ever had. Certainly the best one I have had in a decade. I am very grateful for this all. This journey. From the pain, to the suffering, to the good times, and even the bad times. I am thankful for them all. They have shown and taught me so much. I would not be where I am without them.

Monday started with me doing a Reiki healing session on someone. It went smoothly and the energy was flowing so well for them and myself. So much so I almost passed out from channeling so much energy. The next day I got a text form them saying this, “I woke up this morning feeling lighter (best way I could describe it) then I’ve felt in months my negative energy is gone.” Reiki is a wonderful thing, and can help in so many ways. I am grateful to have been able to help and bring that healing. I am now even thinking about getting my own space to do more healing sessions with people. Now if only I could just win the lottery and have the money to do it all. I was surprised at how much I was able to pick up during the session. The more I clear out and open up, the more sensitive  I become.

Then come Friday I went out to a tavern with some friends, to just hang out, relax, and just enjoy some friendship and fun times. To think when I started out 50 weeks ago, this journey, was all by myself. Now I am going at a tavern, with four people from 7 at night until 3 in the morning. I even had someone in my car before and after. Something I had always been afraid about doing in the past. This journey has helped me in so many ways. I have opened up and done so many new things that I would have said no to in the past. I am glad to be able to say yes to life. Finally.

I then ended the week with The Lego Batman movie, and let me tell you. It is a fantastic movie. It is so hilarious, and such a good parody movie, and it’s done well. I have not enjoyed such a parody movie since Spaceballs. So even though it may seem to be just a kids movie, go out and see it. Especially if you are a Batman fan. Like myself. I even wore my Batman hoodie to it.



Adventures in going out: Week 48

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The very late edition.

This is the latest I have even written this article, while I did plenty in the week, I had become so busy and tired, that I have not had a chance to write this post. This past week has been a crazy and wild ride, and I’m not even talking about Donald Trump’s first week as president. Mind you, that also is a wild and crazy ride. It’s like one never ending episode of Punk’D and we are all doing it to ourselves. Sadly, I did not get to keep up with the one month of posting. I made it to a week and quite frankly I had nothing else to really say at the time. So I stopped it. I give myself and A for effort.

Last week was a week of lot of healing work. A lot of healing work. And as such that healing work really took it out of me. On top of me having to work one night a week at 4 AM, my sleep schedule  has been all over the place. The more I heal and open up the more sensitive I become and need more downtime in between things. I’m not complaining it’s allowing a lot to shift for me and helping me create a better version of me. Which is always a good thing.

The week started with some inner child healing, which was an interesting experience of working with someone to get in touch with ones inner self. I think had I have been better at relaxing, meditating, and visualizing, I would have been able to get more out of the session. However I do think it did help, and allowed me to work on some stuff within me. Which is always a blessing. I don’t know if it was the way I was reclining, or the session itself, but I ended up with some serious vertigo like symptoms, and was dizzy for a couple days. And went straight to bed as soon as I got home.

Wednesday was another day of development circle, and that is always a lot of fun. Saturday allowed me to attend another crystal bowl meditation, and that one really worked on my Sacral chakra, as well as my solar plexus. Clearing up some stuff for me, and also as usual leaving me really tired and unable to do so much. Which was fine by me as it was a tiring week of healing work. Where Sunday I would spend all morning and afternoon attending a healing workshop, which I will hopefully talk about in another post.

All in all for me, it was a good week. Very healing. A lot was cleared and let go. For the country, we are not starting our healing journey and hopefully, just hopefully, we will come out of it as a beautiful new loving creature. Who is not so focused on ourselves and our own lives but in the acceptance and love of each other.

The one thing I will say as doing all this healing work really opens my eyes to my purpose and that is of doing this healing work with and on others.

I’m 48 weeks in, and it’s amazing to see how this one year journey is actually reaching the one year mark. Exciting. I never in a million years thought I would ever be here. Life is amazing and will take you to new heights and places beyond our wildest imaginations.