From anxiety to doing Reiki. 

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Last night was another crystal bowl and Reiki meditation where I was performing Reiki while the crystal bowls were playing in the background. Allowing healing on various levels of being. It was a packed room, with twelve people participating in this event. It was our third event together in the past three months. All an incredible experience for everyone involved. To be in that environment now and doing something I love and am passionate about is such an amazing thing. 

It gets me to thinking about my journey and how far I have come in the past two years. How I have transformed my life for the better in so many ways. It’s hard to believe there was a time when my life was controlled by fear and anxiety. Where I avoided everything. Life. People. Living. Now I am doing events like this, and the fear I once had, is no longer there controlling me. I am free. To be free is such a wonderful thing. Now I work to help others change their life and be free too. 

My life has been a wild and crazy roller coaster over the years and has taken me to places I never dreamed of, and am doing things I never thought I could or would. All because I took a chance and took a leap of faith into the world. It was scary but I was no longer going to let that fear run my life. I love interacting with people and helping them make changes in their life. Reiki allows me to be able to do that as I’ve seen what Reiki and energy work can do. Reiki is just one of the many tools I have acquired over the years of healing myself. 

I have been asked many questions on what is Reiki and I hope to answer some of them for people with this post.

So what is Reiki? 

Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.
What is involved in a Reiki session?

In a typical session the client and the Reiki practitioner, get together and first talk about what brought the person to them. What they are hoping to achieve from a Reiki session and for new people a quick rundown of what to expect and what Reiki is. 

The client then usually lays on a massage table, or in some cases a chair, and the Reiki practitioner connects to the Reiki energy and begins to channel it into the client through their hands, and into their body through various hand positions on the body. Reiki can also be done hands off as well. Reiki is conscious enough to go where it is needed. To bring balance to the body, mind, and spirit, to help the bodies own natural healing abilities and to strength the organs within the body. 

Reiki so based on the principle of channeling universal life force, known to some  as Chi or Qi. 

A typical session can last from 30 minutes to an hour and a half. Most are usually an hour. Afterwards the client will feel relaxed, calm, and peaceful. During a session a client may fall asleep, or have an emotional response, such as crying. It’s all part of the healing process. 

After wards it is recommended to drink plenty of water to help flush out any toxins and energies that are no longer needed by the body. It’s not uncommon to be thirsty and drink a lot, as well as use the bathroom frequently to expel it all, as well as have strange dreams, and even sleep a good night afterwards. Each session is unique to the person receiving it.

During a session a person may feel warmth, cold, tingles, or even have visions or feel loved ones around them. Most report a feeling of calm and peace. 

A Reiki practitioner may also incorporate crystals or sound into the healing session. 

Reiki and energy healing is about bringing balance to the individual who is seeking healing. A Reiki practitioner is only a channel for the Reiki energies, healing is up to the person that seeks healing. 

If given a chance to experience a Reiki session, I recommend it. It may just change your life as it has me. 

Energy healing does not replace medical treatment or medical advice. It’s a compliment to help you along your healing journey. To bring balance and wholeness to your entire being. 


Crystal bowls and Reiki

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This past Monday I had the opportunity to once again be a part of a crystal bowl meditation, Halo Wellness in Marlton, NJ, while I provided Reiki on those who were a part of this meditation. The bowls were being played by my friend, Beth, and it was a wonderful turnout. We had 13 people involved. Which was a lot of Reiki to be channeling. Naturally I was exhausted afterward and the day after as well. 

I’ve mentioned before my love for the crystal bowls and how much they have helped my healing journey. They have helped me clear out so much from my energy body, aura, and even my chakras. They have been so instrumental in helping me open up more and be able to step fully into my own power. I still have ways to go with my healing, but know I am on the right track. So to be able to be part of a meditation with them has been an incredible experience for me. 

I am forever thankful for this journey. Reiki has now become such a huge part of my life and I can’t imagine my life without Reiki. I spent the past decade trying to run away from doing Reiki, but it always called me back to. Now I am happy to be listening to it’s call. I love Reiki, energy work, and what it can do for us. I look forward to what more it can do for me, my healing, and helping others. I have only scratched the surface of Reiki and I look forward to where it will take me. 

I love hearing from others about their experiences with Reiki, from a session with me. Such positive experiences and comments from them. Where they do, are able to experience  what Reiki can do for them. It’s exciting and I’m excited for them. 

I am blown away with how far I have come on my journey over the past year. Where it has taken me. The people I have met and are now such a big part of my life. I can’t picture my life any other way. I am thankful for it all. It has not been easy and has been crazy at times. It has been a roller coaster and I am going with the flow of it all. 

When I started it all, I never thought I’d get to where I am today. I never thought I’d be out there doing it all. Yet I am. And I have not been this happy, in a long, long time. 

This was our second session, and I look forward to our next one together in June. If you’ve never been to a crystal bowl meditation, you may want to check one out, it may just change your life. As it did for me. 

Healing with Reiki

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Back in September I talked about my journey with Reiki. That article is something that gets read quite a bit, as it becomes searched for a lot of Google. As many come looking to read about Reiki, and healing with it.

Since it’s been a few months since I posted that post, I thought I would do another one, talking more about my journey with Reiki. I have now had three sessions done on me, by a fantastic Reiki practitioner, who is also an Angel intuitive. Each session I had was incredible and each one really built on top of the last one. As each session I could feel more and more with the energies themselves as I cleared myself out and opened up more, I could start to really feel the energies themselves working on me. As I become more sensitive. Working on oneself, energetically, that is what starts to happen. We become more sensitive to the world and all the worlds unseen that we don’t even realize. Healing is such a wonderful thing. It really helps us on more ways than we imagine. Most of us, I was no different when I started this healing journey back in May 0f 07, I just wanted that quick fix. Where I would heal my body, and go about my way. Not really changing anything. Staying the same, just a different body. I learned the hard way over the years it just does not happen that way. Not with healing of this kind. This healing brings about major change. Major transformation. That is why, IMO, most healing fails for people. They just do not want to change. They do not want to confront themselves. They do not want to take down any of the walls the put up. They want to remain the same.

It took me 8 years on this healing journey to learn that truth. That I had to change. That I really had to become something other than what I currently was. I could no longer live that life. It had reached its end. In the Tarot we would call it, the Death card. For it truly was like dying. Just without the physical loss of the human body. That is what energy healing such as Reiki is all about. Changing oneself in more ways than we can imagine. It’s not just about healing the body. While that does also come to us, just not always in the way we expect it to be. For me, it was about changing my diet. Eliminating foods that I could not eat and was sensitive to, and replacing it with foods that worked best for my body. It was the energy healing that I embarked upon that lead me to that path of changing up my diet and how I was living. That energy healing started with the use of crystals. I started working on my chakras, the energy centers of our body taught about in eastern medicine practices, through the use of crystals. Using colored crystals that connected to each chakra. To help start opening things up and getting the ball going. I would put some stones in a little pouch and put them into my pocket and carry them with me, all day, and night. Until I went to bed. Some people put them under their pillow while they sleep. I found that their energy would be too intense and keep me up late, or they would affect my dreams. Yes, crystals can affect our dreams. While they work their magic.

In time with the help of crystals, and healing my energy/spiritual/mental bodies, I would then take that further and go out and get a Reiki session done on me. Each one as incredible as the prior one. All opening up and clearing out so much form me. Each time feeling more and more lighter. Reiki and energy healing can be used on so much. From working on our own energy, to our pets. To even infusing the foods and drinks we consume. I have been using it to clear out my bedroom so it is nice and charged with the healing energy of love and Reiki. All helping to change me from the inside out. I have been attuned to Reiki, so be a channel for those energies. To allow myself to be able to channel them. So I am able to use them whenever I need to. On myself, or if I want to work on another, helping them with Reiki.

In between those three Reiki sessions I have also had crystal bowl meditations done. Which also work on the chakras as well as clearing the Aura. Those sessions have all been powerful in clearing things out and opening me up. Allowing me to become more in tune with myself. Helping me to become more confident in myself and in being me. Something I have struggled with for so long. Lately I have been working with Reiki to take down those walls that I have put up that have kept me safe but also kept me away from the world and others. It has worked well with taking those walls down. While I still have ways to go with that I have hope in the power of Reiki and energy healing in tearing down things that no longer serve my highest good.

Working on myself with Reiki, crystals, and energy healing has been so incredible for me. It has changed my life in so many ways. I am optimistic about what it can do for me and where it will take me. I know I have only scratched the surface of Reiki and energy healing and I look forward to where I end up with it.


Tearing down our own walls. 

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Photo credit: Diane LoPresti

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to attend another Crystal bowl meditation. And once again I was not disappointed in my session. It was another incredible session and experience for me. This healing sessions have been so helpful during my journey. They have helped me to really clear things out of my life, so I can be free from them. 

Each session I have had has helped me go deeper within my healing and myself. Helping to peel back layers of being to get into my true self. Over the years we learn to look at life a certain way which causes us to look at ourselves a certain way. Thanks to these sessions they are helping me to clear that out and help me to really see myself. It’s like seeing myself for the first time. I’m seeing life and living in a whole new way. It has really changed my life. 

Going into this session I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to tear down walls that I have. There is still so much doubt within me that blocks my progress and from moving forward in my life. There has been many a time where I have doubted what I can do to the point where I have fully believed I could not do this or that. A lot of that negativity and negative talk has held me back from fully realizing my potential and what I am capable of doing. So much so that at times it keeps me from doing things or of fear. It’s something that I have struggled with for the longest time that fueled my anxiety and panic. The fear that I couldn’t. That I was not able to. That I would not be good enough. Negative self talk is very damaging. So naturally it needed to go. 

I knew that I have to take down those walls that I built and that have kept me out of the world. While they may have kept me “safe” they were preventing me from living my life. So I had to take them down. Which is what my focus was on working with the Crystal bowls. Taking those walls down. During the clearing and healing of the sounds of the flutes, and the Crystal bowls, I had a vision. I’m not entirely sure what it was I saw, and I am not sure that was what I needed to remember. All I do know is I was a powerful force just wipe everything away. I saw the image just blow away. As if it was completely taken down, and away from me. I then saw an image of Archangel Metatron, that I have on one of my card decks. I knew it was Metatron that took down those walls for me, and cleared things up for me. 

It was such a powerful and humbling experience. I had so much gratitude for what I saw and felt. Within a day I could really feel the benefits of this. I could feel the wall and the barrier between myself and the world being gone. I can feel myself as being a part of the world now. Like o truly belong in it. I can feel the love that flows throughout creation and the world. It is such a humbling experience to be a part of. To feel that kind of life. It is amazing. I feel so much purpose, love, and joy now. 

I know this is only the beginning of this new chapter, I have closed the last chapter. And if I say so myself, it is about time. I don’t know where life will take me. I look forward to it. To meeting new people, learning new things about myself, and growing. I have a lot to give to the world and look forward to doing so. It was incredible working with Metatron and I hope to continue working with him and the other angels. 

One last note a friend of mine just started a new blog, Gilbert Speaks, give it check and a follow. 

Adventures in going out: Week 34

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The Stop! Hammer Time edition.

Today was a great day but also a tiring day. I am home now, and exhausted after being out most of the day. And it was  well worth it. So I won’t type out too much here.

The day started at a Halloween event at a Metaphysical shoppe that I take classes at, On Angels Wings. One of the teachers from there, just started her own blog, Spread Your Wings with Marcia, so go check it out. It was a fun little event, with a good turn out. I sat in during a lecture about ghost hunting and UFO’s. Before heading out with some friends to a crystal bowl meditation.

I have had great benefits and enjoyed the ones I have done in the past, so I definitely wanted to attend a new one. This was the place where I have had Reiki sessions done before, but not a bowl meditation. I was not disappointed with this one. It was very relaxed and I was surprised at how fast the hour and half went. It was very relaxing. I had one image of everything just dissolving away, and feeling like the past was gone, and let go. Then knew that Archangel Metatron was around healing that and letting it go. It was a very wonderful experience.

Afterwards me and my friends headed out to Friendly’s to eat, and have some conversation about things, and the healing session we had. Before we went our separate ways, and I headed back home to just veg out the rest of the night. Those healing sessions are great and powerful, but also very draining.


Adventures in going out: Week 32.

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The Prince A Boo Boo edition. (A bub wah.)

This week that is now coming to an end is the 32 week marker. Which is 8 months. 8 months of going out every week, at least once a week. I never really thought that I would get to this place. I never really thought I would stick to it truthfully. Yet here I am. And I am glad that I have. It has taught and shown me so many great things and I have met incredible people along the way.

This journey has taken me to places I never even thought about going to, and doing things I never thought I would. Yet, I have done them. They have been so much fun and taught me so many new things. I am learning so much. This week was no exception. This week started on Thursday, where I would attend a healing workshop, “Healing with the Angels.” Where they would use crystal bowls and bring in the healing angels to bring in healing, and messages from the angels to us. I had already done a crystal bowl meditation, and really enjoyed it, so it was a no-brainer to attend another one. This time doing something new, and working with the angels.  Once again I was not disappointed in the experience as it was another lovely healing session that really helped clear my energy and open me up more. I then had some interesting dreams that night that are still with me. And do I love the power and messages of dreams. So that was another plus to me. On top of that incredible experience, was another one for me. At this session was someone I had seen a few times before at sessions like these, we had never really talked before. Yet this night I would actually engage into a conversation with them willingly. Which is HUGE for me. That is something I would not have done in the past. This journey has helped me grow stronger within myself and more confident to be able to just openly start up a conversation with someone. That alone was worth the price of admission and is worth its weight in gold for me. And who knows where being able to talk to people will lead me in life. Better and better places. I even made eye contact from time to time. Something I have never really liked doing. The more I grow in confidence with myself the more I will be able to do things I never even dreamed of.

That there would be enough and I could consider that an incredible week in itself, but  I did not stop there. Today I decided to enjoy myself, and life, and living, and go out and go for a walk. Enjoying the moment, and nature. Taking it all in. Even walked the dog some, before it started to rain. I did not let the rain dampen my spirits and went to the movies to check out, a movie about Peculiar kids. IMO, kids were already peculiar, we didn’t need a movie to tell us, what we all have known and suspected for quite some time. And why does Samuel Jackson always have to be the bad guy? Why can’t he be the nice guy for once. Not wondering why there is always snakes everywhere. I digress, mainly because I love to say digress.

Tomorrow I will be at a fundraiser doing oracle card readings for people. I am both excited and scared about it all in one. It will be a great experience for me and will really open me up to much more in life. Then next week I am doing some more card readings. It’s amazing and crazy how busy my weekends and months are these days. There was a time when my months consisted of just going to work. Now, I’m doing things like every weekend, and some weekends,  both days. And that even branches into the week as well. Lots of adventure and fun times. Making up for a life of inactivity and I am loving every moment of it.



Adventures in going out:Week 31

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The “are you not entertained” edition.

My calendar seems to be broken. As I looked at it today and it said October 1st. That can not be right. Wasn’t it just March like two weeks ago? This year has zoomed on by, like The Flash chasing Reverse Flash. Speaking of the Flash, season three stars on Tuesday. I can not wait. I love that show. Probably my favorite show on TV right now. Of course I don’t watch much TV these days. Just the Arrow/Flash universe. With the occasional Big Bang. Have not watched that lately. League of Legends is on the same night.

It’s hard to believe that it really is October and that this year is quickly coming to an end. This year has been an incredible year for me. I might even go on record and say this may be the best year I have ever had for myself. The growth, the learning, the journeys, the memories, and adventures have been incredible. I have met so many people, and done so many things. I am thankful for it all. I’ve done things I could have only dreamed of doing. I actually was able to do some of them. For the first time ever I can truly look forward to where the future will take me and not be afraid and fearful of it. I can go with it and let it take me to a whole new world.

Today was a cold and wet day. It rained, or drizzled most of the day. I did not let that stop me and still went out to have some fun. This time I went to Cooper Park in Pennsauken to check out Pagan Pride Day. It was a local event where vendors were selling there wares, doing Reiki sessions, and doing healing sessions. Which is right up my alley. So I spent the afternoon checking that out. Browsing some wares, buying some more crystals. Picking up my first crystal skull. I have not really been a fan of the crystal skulls but this one was speaking to me, asking me to bring it home. So I did, added a crystal skull to my collection. I also picked up some Blue Onyx, which I love the color of, and some Flourite. Crystals are as addicting, if not more so than tattoos’ and I have 5 of those. I ran into some people I know and had some conversations with them and just enjoyed myself walking around, and interacting with people. I even ran into a person I did an oracle card reading on a few months ago. Small world after all. He had a table there today. Who knows one day I may have my own table at a place like this, doing Reiki healing, or oracle card readings, or even selling crystals. There’s no limit to what I could do one day if I believe in myself and set out to do it. I’m slowly getting that belief in myself.

Speaking of oracle card readings, I have three events lined up this month where I will be doing them for others. In public no less. Who would have thought I would be able to do something like that? This year has had so many for me and I can not wait to see what firsts will come for me in the months/years to come.